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Everyone knows that behind every ‘wild’, ‘spontaneous’, ‘amaze’ festival experience, is a carefully constructed fun-schedule.

Luckily, the people of Clashfinder are making organised fun even easier, by kindly creating charts for many major UK festivals, with the acts mapped out in an easy to read chart. This means not only do you ensure you don’t miss your favourite bands, but you can also look exceptionally hip by whinging to your chums about how two like, totally seminal bands you’re pretty sure no one has actually heard of are on at the same time.

Thanks to this guide, we now have to wrestle between Blings of Leon on the main stage and Bon Jovi UK on the BigTop at Gasltonduget 2011. How to choose, DW readers?

An image from the Last FM Festival
People who many or may not be experiencing scheduled fun at the Last FM Festival

The Wire’s Sleeves Received blog offers a fascinating documentation of The Wire magazine’s picks of its postbag.

Highlights include the amazing/scary cassette sleeve for Italian duo Cannibal Movie, Barabara at Hundebiss’ silkscreen print design for Popol Gluant (aka Hendrik Hegray)’s Solo Piano LP and tons of other gorgeous design work.

All of which is marginally more impressive than the day DW got sent a hamper including baby wipes, two large chunks of cheese, some baby food and a razor. Yes, really.

lots of plugs
lots of plugs

Electricity plugs aren’t the most excitng things in the world. However, Made in Mind has cleverly found a way to liven up the subject, by launching a competion for people to name its folding plug design concept – the first major redesign of the household plug since the 1940s.

The winning name will be printed across every item of plug packaging produced. We’re plumping for ’Dean.’

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