California Dreaming

‘One thing about living in Canary Wharf I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.’

No, we haven’t lost our marbles or started peddling banker-related satire. Next weekend, Future Cinema brings the Lost Boys to Canary Wharf as part of its California Classics series, showing everyone’s favourite vampire film and Top Gun; while transforming the financial centre into a sunny (we hope ) slice of California.

The films have inspired a radical transformation of the grey spaces of this part of London’s Dockland into the boardwalks, beaches and amusement parks of their locations.

Future Cinema creative director Fabien Riggall says, ‘Because the films we’re doing are surrounded by water, we wanted to find a space in London where the audience could feel close to the water, and to bring California to London.’

Top Gun
Top Gun

He adds, ‘We wanted to bring Top Gun and The Lost Boys to life. The space is wonderful: it’s a blank canvas to create boardwalks and motorbike tracks. We’re building Grandpa’s house [from The Lost Boys] and a volleyball court.’

The Future Cinema team of set designers, illustrators, sound designers and artists have only ten days to create the ambitious scene, which will include vampire lairs created from shipping containers, dodgems, a carousel, the Lost Boys comic book store, and an authentic video store, complete with pre-1987 videos.

Caroline Beteta, president and chief executive of California Tourism, adds, ‘We look forward to bringing the sights, sounds and flavours of coastal California, specifically Santa Cruz and San Diego, to London for what promises to be a spectacular experience produced by Future Cinema.’

The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys

Future Cinema has partnered with California Tourism for the event, which will see over 8 000 people donning their California best. Naturally participants are encouraged to dress up in Lost Boys gothic finery (think big hair, grungy layers, military jackets) or Top Gun pomp – bomber jackets, white naval suits, and of course, the obligatory Aviator shades.

Among the seaside amusements and games will be water sports, arcade games, live taxidermy and a skate shop. Food will naturally be all about hot dogs, tacos, burgers and ice cream. Which, coupled with the plethora of white naval suits being sported, is likely to be a Daz advert waiting to happen.

Future Cinema

Future Cinema presents California Classics: The Lost Boys and Top Gun on 3 and 4 September. For more information on the event see, and for more on California, visit

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