The Hand of the Graphic Designer

There’s something about a Moleskine book that screams – somehow unpretentiously – ‘I’m creative! I’m interesting!’, more than pretty much any other functional accessory.


Now, Moleskine has upped its hello-I’m-creative qualities a notch, with the launch of the wonderful book, The Hand of the Graphic Designer.


The book follows in the footsteps of its equally beautiful siblings The Hand of the Architect and The Hand of the Designer, presenting a catalogue-style collection of 367 colour sketches and drawings from a selection of renowned graphic designers.

As well as all these stunning images, the book features a free black Moleskine A4 notebook, to jot down the reams of words and scrawlings the tome has hopefully inspired.


The book provides a compelling behind -the- scenes nose into designers’ notebooks, providing telling snapshots of their preliminary visual musings.

We sees the rudimentary colour-pencil fish drawings from Italian Bonsaininja, before they form sleek TV graphics; US designer Charter’s sketchy tracing paper letter outlines;  London’s Fanelli’s cute dog ink-drawings;  Harriet Russel’s charming risotto , vegetable and dinosaur illustrations and countless other works from around the world.

Atelier Vostok

Head of the Corriani art book publishers Pietro Corraini edited the book, for which all submissions were donated by the graphic designsers themselves. The funds raised from the book will be used to restore a number of the rare books in the Masino Castle historic library of Italy’s Piedmont region.


In the book’s introduction, Buitoni Borlotti, president of the Fondo Ambient Italioano, says, ‘I realise the extent to which these “hands” – those of the architects, designers and graphic designers – basically do the same job as we do. All of us are trying to help our fellow human beings to live better, both privately and publicly… such as the need for wonder, the value of community and the responsibility of conservation.

‘All of us are trying to preserve – or spread as widely as possible – little specks of beauty, were it only in the underground signs.’


The Hand of the Graphic Designer is published by Moleskine on 15 September priced £40.00

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