Montage maestro Viktor Koen is heading to London for his first solo exhibition which explores photography, illustration and other mixed media across collage.

DP Toy 1
scary toy

Speaking from his New York home today Koen explains that the essence of his work is ‘social criticism in allegorical form.’ Often war and children are explored as themes, he says.

DP Toy 12

 This show will bring together two recent exhibitions, shown in America – Dark Peculiar Toys and Toyphabet – plus the Greek mythology inspired Bestiary.

Bestiary is a new set of works introducing hybrid creatures – or ‘monsters’ as Koen calls them – which have been exhumed because ‘there are a lot of monsters still running around today,’ he says.

Minotaur 72
we’re hoping this Minotaur isn’t really running around today

Some of these images have been juxtaposed with early nineteenth century photographs that Koen found in the American Library of Congress.

Talos 72

The most remarkable thing about this collection is that not only is the artist willing to show some of Bestiary as work-in-progress, so that visitors can understand the processes in his work, but also let these go – sell them.  

DP Toy 22
Buzz Lightyear?

Viktorian takes place at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, W1, from 12-24 September

Centaur 72
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    it’ll be a decent exhibition, no doubt…

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