Vintage Books launches 21 anniversary editions

Vintage Books, an imprint of the Random House publishers, has launched 21 new editions to celebrate its 21st Anniversary.


The covers were all designed in-house by a team led by Suzanne Dean, head of design at Random House.

Each cover uses a vivid single colour, meaning the whole collection forms a rainbow. The edges of the books are sprayed to match the cover colour, meaning that as the books are stacked, the colours are visible from all sides.

Each book’s colour relates in some way to the book itself, such as red for Memoirs of a Geisha.

Dean says, ‘We went off and brainstormed. The idea came from the coloured pencil box and how lovely they look when they’re all in the right order.’

Supermatt lamination was used as the finish for the books, creating a ‘velvety’, tactile quality, according to Dean.

Vintage deputy publisher Rachel Cugoni says,  ‘These books make you smile, I don’t know why but they just do and the response to them has been quite overwhelming: they are stunning and everyone says so. The vibrancy and verve of the 21 colours is arrestingly beautiful’.

The books are released this month.

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