I’ll be your mirror

Norwegian-born design duo Hunting & Narud have created a series of beautiful Copper Mirrors, which are to go on show at Gallery Libby Sellers this week.

‘Copper Mirror Series’ by Hunting and Narud, 2013.

Source: Works courtesy Gallery Libby Sellers.

‘Copper Mirror Series’ by Hunting & Narud, 2013.

Though the pair now live in London, the designs aim to pay homage to their native Norway.

Originally conceived for Fashion Scandinavia at Somerset House during the last London Fashion Week, the mirrors have been refined ahead of the new show, and take cues from Norway’s ‘rich cultural and topographical heritage’, according to the gallery.

The freestanding mirrors are formed from copper, mild steel and stone. The material that lends them their name was chosen as a nod to Norway’s past as an industrial mining country.

While ore extraction and copper smelting was at its busiest in the big mines of the 18th and 19th centuries, steel and stone are still important export industries for the country.

According to Hunting & Narud, the pieces also look a long way from Norway for visual cues, drawing inspiration from ‘the visual language and movement of the different elements of the solar system’.

The Copper Mirror Series by Hunting & Narud is on show from 5 September – 5 October at Gallery Libby Sellers, 41-42 Berners Street, London WlT

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