Sliding at a stately home

As part of renovation work at National Trust property Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, a 16.5m slide has been installed, so visitors can slide from the terrace to the garden while a historic staircase is being refurbished.

Sliding at a stately home
Sliding at a stately home

The property’s Grade I-listed South Terrace is being restored in a £3.4 million series of works, which will last for five years.

The National Trust says, ‘What could be a time of disruption is being turned into an advantage, as the slide offers visitors to Cliveden an original and unexpected experience – as well as a totally new way of looking at the house and garden.’

The view from the slide
The view from the slide

Scaffolding surrounds the staircase, but this is topped by a 6.5m-tall walkway, which encases the staircase on all sides, giving views of the Cliveden estate.

Visitors can then slide from the walkway to parterre garden.

The walkway and slide
The walkway and slide

National Trust visitor experience consultant Sam Willis developed the project. She says, ‘By offering visitors the chance to slide down into the historic garden, we know they will go home having had a great time, and also having engaged with the serious side of the work.’

The viewing walkway and slide will be in place until December, before moving to a new home in Cliveden’s woods.

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  • Kelly Vallance November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Lovely idea — beautifully realised.

  • Jane von Rathsach November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Classic jump we rare see so splendid touched.
    B r a v o to National Trust to be so generous and different. Your idea has taken me to think Renaissance of life coming back, free of political correctness. Give us more like this and speak with TV to communicate.

    Thank you from Copenhagen.

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