Designers Anonymous seizes the day with Carpe Nux branding

Designers Anonymous has created the look for new nuts brand Carpe Nux, which roughly translates as ‘seize the nuts’.

Christian Eager, co-founder and creative director, Designers Anonymous, says the consultancy was approached by a business owner who had the name and concept for a premium nut brand ‘and the idea of historic characters who have links to flavours’.

Eager says parallels were drawn with ‘worldly characters’ who shared ‘the unique philosophy and attributes’ of the fusion flavours.

The consultancy worked with Paul Dixon on the illustrations and integrated them into collectable card-style frame.

Eager says, ‘By introducing portraits to each flavour we not only brought the characters behind each roast to life, but also gave the packaging a collectable feel rather than an individual purchase.’

So far the flavour variants are Soy-Glazed Walnuts, Fiery Macadamia, Zesty Cashews and Rum-Spiced Pecans.

Eager says Designers Anonymous has looked to find evocative colours that are ‘inspired by the strong flavours and tasty colourful ingredients’.

These are offset by the background colours of the illustrations which Eager says, ‘Contrast nicely and make the products standout on shelf.’

Each character’s story is continued on the back of each collector card ‘with an engaging and inspiring quote that celebrates the legacy and relevance of these characters in today’s world,’ says Eager.

A CN mark has been created with a C – which takes the form of a scroll – appearing to seize the N.

Eager says it also references ‘the kind of documents you might read bout these people on.’

A strapline, ‘Nuts of Remarkable Character’, accompanies the word mark, which is set in the typeface Gin and has been adapted to feature diagonally cut serifs in reference to the diagonal edges of the collectors card illustration.

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