DixonBaxi overhauls ding* mobile top-up brand

DixonBaxi has renamed and rebranded ding*, a service which allows people to top-up the mobile phone of a loved one anywhere in the world.


ding* – previously known as Ezetop – is connected with 300 mobile operators in 110 countries and allows customers to send top-up directly to the phones of friends and family so they can stay in touch.


ding* is primarily marketed at migrant workers who work overseas to send money to loved ones back home but don’t have a reliable way of topping up their phones. (It is also marketed to the families of these people.)


DixonBaxi was engaged in April and asked to create ‘a new brand framework’ that would reposition the company.

The consultancy says it responded by ‘bringing to life’ the simplicity of the product, its speed and the impact it has on people’s lives.


DixonBaxi says a ‘visual metaphor for top-up’ lies in the onomatopoeic name and asterisk, which reference the action of topping up a phone.

The tone of voice reflects the ‘quick, snappy, bite-sized functionality’ of the product and key phrases have been created that reflect ‘how the brand feels about what it does,’ says Dixon Baxi.


This includes internal mantras such as ‘hours not flowers’ – a reference, Dixon Baxi says, to top-up being about ‘making small practical gestures rather than simply giving a gift’.

ding* claims to have over 1 million customers and says that a top-up is made through ding* every second.

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  • Katerina March 4, 2022 at 10:47 am

    The service is good, I have been using it for a long time, but the commission is not very happy. Recently, they sent me a discount for the FIRST top-up of 50% – ding.com/LN24B

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