Scribble – the pen that draws in any colour

Like a real-life version of the Photoshop sampler tool, the makers of the Scribble pen say you can use the device to pick up any colour around you before drawing on paper in that exact colour.

Scribble’s inventors Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman say the device works by using a color sensor and microprocessor to detect colours and mix the required ink for drawing. The video above explains the process (with a rather cheesy voice-over).

Scribble acts like a scanner when held up to a colour, and ‘within a second or two’, according to the makers, the pen will then draw in that colour.

It can apparently hold more than 100 000 unique colours in its internal memory and can reproduce more than 16 million colours.

The makers suggest that having one single pen that can create any colour could replace ‘thousands of marking pens’ and reduce plastic waste.

There are also plans for a Scribble Stylus, which will allow users to draw on to mobile devices. The accompanying Scribble+ mobile app will let users organise and tag different colours.

Scribble’s inventors say, ‘For the colour-blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble colour picker pen will make copying an exact color, any colour from any object, an absolute breeze.’

Sampling with Scribble
Sampling with Scribble

Scribble has already surpassed its Kickstarter target of $100 000. You can find out more at

Update: The Scribble Kickstarter has now been withdrawn. The inventors say, ’We were thrown completely off guard by the 24-hour request from Kickstarter for a new video and were unable to comply in the time allocated.’

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  • Mike Barlow November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    After going way over it’s funding target – the Scribble Kickstarter funding cycle has been withdrawn by Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman…

    The inventors cite a request from Kickstarter to produce a more detailed video in 24 hrs rather than the 5 days they said they could turn it around.

    Is Pantone worried? I kinda hope so in a way.

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