Creative Survey Supplement


Creative Survey Supplement

There’s a different feel to the 2010 Creative Survey. It is still about creativity in design, but this year we have broughtin the client voice to balance our soundings from the creative community. And what a different voice it is. While creative peers consistently vote The Partners top of the charts, for example,the clients surveyed […]

The Charts 2010

For most disciplines we have compiled a Top Ten chart of awards winners, given the number of awards we cover. This expands on the Top Five groups previously listed in each specialism chart. The exception though are the 3D categories: interiors and exhibition design, and product design. There are fewer awards schemes open to designers […]

What we did

We have, as in previous years, based the listings for Design Week’s Creative Survey on the success UK consultancies have achieved in the top creative awards across a range of disciplines. Most of the awards schemes included in our trawl are UK-based, but increasingly UK groups are scoring in international prize schemes so these are […]

Alan Herron

Creative economy

We asked eight creatives whether their approach to delivering work has altered significantly following the economic downturn, and how they motivate their team. The verdict shows unanimous resilience. No budget? No problem. Effective partnerships and big, challenging ideas are most important

Embracing interaction

Design Week Creative Survey has broadened its reach in awards involved with digital interaction and cross-platform branding. Lynda Relph-Knight argues that in an everevolving design landscape, it’s about time these disciplines were paid due attention

Charles Darwin

Ideally speaking

Hat-Trick Design has topped our UK Awards chart for the first time this year. So who better to open our Creative Survey than co-founder Jim Sutherland? Here he talks about what makes a great client and designer

Giant topplers

Digital design and interaction consultancies have made a huge impact on this year’s Design Week Awards tables. Though often ignored in major design awards, their ability to maintain creativity across a whole campaign really justifies their inclusion among traditional high-scorers. Design Week takes a look at the creative movers and shakers

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