E&P brands Thai music channel

English & Pockett is to create the on-air brand identity package for True Music, Thailand’s first interactive, teenage music channel.

The consultancy has been briefed to design the channel’s logo, on-air idents, tool kits and interactive interface design. True Music is a 24-hour music and lifestyle features station aimed at 15-25 year olds.

English & Pockett’s creative concept is based on the connection between music and the brand, with the logo becoming the face of the channel. An icon design was created as a fusion between a CD and a graphics equalizer image.

Rob Machin, creative director on the project, says, ‘True likes its icons to represent their individual channel and wanted one that would interact with the music. So we used this equalizer, which looks like a cross between a speaker and a CD – very simple and symbolic – and brought it to life. Further down the road we can make it fully interactive.’

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