Boris Johnson’s SME support package will boost design

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced a range of measures to help support small businesses in the capital through the current economic downturn, which include encouraging them to use design.

Johnson welcomed the London Development Agency’s planned £23m package of public sector support, which will be made available to small- and medium-sized businesses in the capital.

The Mayor’s office says £20m of this money will be invested in business support packages which encourage London’s businesses to make links with the capital’s higher education sector, protect intellectual property rights and make better use of design.

One of the initiatives currently backed by the LDA is the Design Council’s Designing Demand programme, which shows small businesses how to use design to become more profitable.

Johnson says, ‘It has been encouraging over the past six months to see real achievements and a new outlook implemented at the LDA.

‘The current economic downturn makes it all the more clear that the refocusing of the LDA’s investment programme towards promoting jobs, skills and economic growth is the right approach.

‘It gives a focus on the key issues for the capital’s residents and businesses, helping to ensure that our city emerges in a stronger position once the upturn arrives.’

The measures also include a £2m investment in the Docklands Light Railway, and £500 000 to back Visit London’s promotion of the capital overseas.

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