Love backs experimental illustration collective

Manchester consultancy Love is backing experimental illustration collective Toy, with the aim of ensuring creative outlets for emerging talent.

The consultancy has commissioned Toy illustrator Jiro Bevis for Sony Playstation’s PSP 3000 campaign, while six out of the ten-strong collective, which formed last month, have been commissioned for the launch of the new Science Council website.

Toy, a separate and self-sufficient limited company still in its infancy, is the brainchild of Love designer Chris Gray, who came up with the idea after finding many of his creative peers did not know how to break into the industry or find professional channels for their work.

‘Love has a type of Dragon’s Den scheme called Make, where employees pitch their ideas for the business to the directors,’ explains a Love spokeswoman. ‘Toy discovers, nurtures and promotes emerging talent, rather than attracting established and costly superstars.’

The scheme provides mutual benefits, with illustrators winning commissions, having access to professional resources and making client connections, while Love has a dedicated bank of ten illustrators.

‘We’re hoping Toy will give those who would benefit from a break into industry a chance, those who leave university with amazing talent who feel they can’t get a job somewhere, and so end up doing something that isn’t where their passion lies,’ says the spokeswoman.

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