Photographers’ Gallery moves to new site

The Photographers’ Gallery reopens tomorrow at its new permanent site in London’s Soho, with an exhibition on transexuality by Katy Grannan.

The four-storey building on Ramillies Street, W1, converted by architect O’Donnell & Tuomey for the gallery’s temporary use, features two floors of galleries, and a print viewing room where visitors can browse portfolios.

The gallery is seeking £15.5m to rebuild the venue by 2011.

O’Donnell & Tuomey’s plans for the new six-storey building include doubling the exhibition space and creating a new street-level café and bar.

The gallery has raised just over half the amount it needs.

A spokeswoman for the gallery reports that it will close again in ‘about two years’, when construction of the new building begins, but that ‘a programme of off-site projects and collaborations’ will continue until it reopens in 2011.

Katy Grannan’s The Westerns runs from 6 December to 8 February.

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