Fashion designer dresses house in organza ruffles

Fashion designer Lyall Hakaraia is dressing a three-storey London house in giant organza ruffles today, as part of an exhibition called House of Organza.

Hakaraia, owner of Vogue Fabrics, has made 250m of raw organza into ruffles and asked seven other designers and artists to create their own works on the theme of fashion and architecture.

He is working with jewellery designer Judy Blame, knitwear designer Craig Lawrence, milliner Piers Atkinson, artist Noki, accessory designer Fred Butler, shoe designer Atalanta Weller and glove maker Gloved Up on the exhibition.

Hakaraia claims that he was inspired to create the show after asking himself how fashion and architecture are similar.

‘The function of both is to protect and shelter the human body while they can still express an individual’s personality’ is his response. Organza, he decided, is rigid enough to take on architectural qualities.

House of Organza launches today at Vogue Fabrics, N16, and is open to the public by appointment until Saturday evening.

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  • Cassie Pryce November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    What an original concept! Although it looks quite shocking at first, it’s unconventionality and sheer ‘weirdness’ make it very intriguing! It’s interesting to look at the links between fashion and architecture, as these are two design fields which are not often combined….yet the artist here has drawn out the similarities are taken them to develop a very unique piece of art. Having said that, I’m not sure for how long the neighbours would be happy to keep the giant ruffles for, if it weren’t only for short-term display!

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