December 2010 Online

DW's Christmas card tower

Goodbye until 2011

Design Week is retiring for Xmas at the end of the week, but today the last blogs will be posted until Wednesday 5 January. Thanks for all the cards, confectionary,

Delayed Gratification cover, with artwork by Shepard Fairey

Slow journalism

This year journalism has got faster, with tweeting and live minute-by-minute blogging becoming second nature to most newspapers. But next year a new quarterly title from the Slow Journalism Company,

A festive poster from Design Studio

Season’s greetings II

Following our last blog about some of our favourite Christmas projects last week, more seasonal work came flooding in faster than Santa can down a brandy. So we thought we’d

David Rowan - Pacha Kuti

The witching hour

As the festive period reaches its apex, we bring you good tidings and news of The Witching Hour, an ‘unsettling’ and ‘intimidating’ exhibition exploring the power of the built environment

Versioned Tom Vac by Ron Arad / Sam Jacob / Lionel Eid / Akhil Bakhda

Lost in translation

For most of us, Pictionary is the height of our attempts to draw from verbal phrases and then translate those images back into words again. But an exhibition at new

Gemma at work

Wonder wall

Illustrator Gemma Correll has created her largest mural yet, for the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, to celebrate the venue’s 40th birthday. Correll was appointed to create a site-specific mural

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