Echo works on Carling brand brief

Echo has been appointed by Molson Coors as strategic brand partner for Carling to drive the lager to a broader audience.

Appointed in November following a four-way pitch, Echo will now advise on brand and consumer experiences ‘across all consumer touchpoints’, according to marketing manager Laurie Booker, who says it is possible this work may affect the visual identity of the brand.

Booker adds, ‘Anywhere the consumer interacts with the brand’ will fall within Echo’s remit, including potentially print, online and point-of-sale as the consultancy looks to create ‘an entire consumer experience’.

Echo would not reveal any details on the initial direction of the project, which demographics will be targeted, or when the work will be delivered.

Annette Middleton, senior brand manager for Carling, says, ‘Our objective was to ensure that we have the best fit for Carling’s requirements in a changing alcohol and media landscape.

‘I am confident that with Echo as a strategic partner we have the best consultancy match to ensure we broaden Carling’s appeal and consumer footprint while maintaining its number one status,’ adds Middleton.

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