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Apart from during the occasional rendition of Hamlet, it’s not often that you really get to admire a skull. 

But admire these skulls, you certainly will. Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, Crush creative director Carl Rush tasked ten designers to decorate a ceramic skull at Creative notworking event Glug.

Skull by Crush
Skull by Crush
Crush 2
by Megamunden

The ten skulls, created by Jess Wilson, Peter James Field, Rosie Irvine, Tom Lacey, John McCulloch, Megamunden, Will Scobie, Eleanor Rudge, Shan Jiang, Carlos Garde-Martin, will be auctioned off online to raise money for children’s charity Rockinghorse. Click here to see the auction.

by Shan Jiang

The ten skulls

by Will Scobie

So if you’re looking for a present for the person who has everything, why not get them a Yorick of their very own. Hurry though, the auction ends at 10.30am tomorrow.

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