More than half of design employees want to change jobs next year, report shows

Nearly 56 per cent of employees in the design and digital industries intend to change jobs within a year, a new report shows, compared to 38 per cent in 2009.

The second annual Design Industry Voices survey, conducted by Fairley Associates, Gabriele Skelton and On Pointe Marketing, saw nearly 900 respondents quizzed.

The report also shows that 69 per cent of respondents are permanent employees, 26 per cent are freelancers and 5 per cent are currently not in work. Last year’s survey showed that 95 per cent of respondents were in permanent employment, 5 per cent freelancing and 0.4 per cent out of work.

Stef Brown, marketing consultant at On Pointe Marketing, says, ‘With more than half of respondents considering a move, it has never been more important for agency management to engage all staff to build reputation, retain talent and protect client relationships.’

She adds, ‘The increase in freelancers means more people are regularly working at different consultancies and these people can create or break consultancy reputations through word-of-mouth, potentially impacting on future recruitment.’

The report also shows that the ‘perceived delivery gap’ – the difference between the perceived importance of consultancy attributes and the perception of how well the consultancy actually performs, has widened in the last year.

The highest ‘delivery gap’ is 55.6 per cent, for ‘rewards for people going the extra mile’. In 2009 the highest gap was 39.3 per cent, for the same attribute.

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