O’Connor Design rebrands ornithology organisation

O’Connor Design has created a new logo for the British Trust for Ornithology, a charity that oversees professional and citizen research into bird populations.

The consultancy has been working for the BTO for the past ten years but was appointed to this project a year ago, following a drive to broaden the appeal of the charity.

O’Connor Design was briefed to create a logo which featured a bird and would express the charity’s work, in order to help the public better understand the trust and to differentiate it from other bird and conservation organisations.

The consultancy created the strapline ‘Looking out for birds’ and a logo which features a bird’s head as the pupil of an eye.

O’Connor Design creative director Chris O’Connor says, ‘It was important to convey that the BTO offers an inspiring, fulfilling, wonder-filled experience – a chance to make an active contribution alongside thousands of other birdwatchers, or “amateur scientists”, from across the country.’

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