P&W redesigns Tesco beauty packaging

P&W has redesigned the packaging for Tesco’s Essentials health and beauty range and created a new identity which draws together more than 40 products.

The consultancy, which is rostered by Tesco, was tasked with designing for an entry price point and asked to convey added value and quality.

P&W design director Simon Pemberton approached the project with a typographic identity-led solution. The outgoing packaging used different identities across the range and needed uniting, Pemberton says.

He adds, ‘Now it has clear simple typography with bespoke words which sum up its attributes. Crystal labels [clear labels] let the products speak for themselves and vertical typography has been used where possible.’

There were commercial restrictions on packaging shape, but P&W says it sought to challenge them where appropriate.

Men’s shower gel products have been given a ‘technical linear feel’ and women’s products use ‘soft ribbons’ to denote ‘a reassuring caring feel’, the consultancy says. 

Colours used vary across products so the new typographic identity will be the key component in signifying the range, says Pemberton.

Starting this week, Essentials will roll out over the next two months.

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