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Here at Design Week, like the rest of the nation, we’re intrigued by who’s the tallest, who’s the loudest, who has the biggest kidneys, who’s capable of eating an entire loaf of bread using only their toenails, and who’s managed to grow teeth out of their bellybutton.

While a few of these examples my not be 100 per cent accurate, one thing you can be sure of with a flick through the Guinness Book of Records is seeing things you really didn’t think were possible.

Now, this Christmas present staple has been given a fresh lease of life with the release of a new iPad app.

The app has been designed and developed by Brandwidth, and alongside the entire Guinness World Records database, picture archive and TV vault, budding record breakers will also be able to try their hand at setting real to Guinness World Records.

The app by Brandwidth
The app by Brandwidth

There are three challenges to have a go at – ‘Fastest 100m on an iPad’, ‘Fastest Alphabet Backwards’ and ‘Longest Sentence Memorised.’

Users can battle against each other to claim the ‘world title’, with the winner earning themselves a place in the record books when Guinness World Records announces the champ of each challenge on 6 May 2011.

As well as the opportunity to earn one of these prestigious accolades, the app offers ‘hot-spot images’ and interviews with such luminaries as Lucky Diamond Rich, the world’s most tattooed man.

Sadly, the record for the man who smoked the most cigarettes at one time has been discontinued, and so will not be featuring the in app.

However, in the name of ‘good journalism’, here’s the story for you: Transylvanian (of course) Stefan Sigmond smoked a whopping 800 cigarettes at once in 1996, by placing them in a round Catherine-wheel type device and puffing away for just under six minutes.

Rumours that the app also comes with a life-size hologram of Cheryl Baker are as yet unconfirmed.

Guinness World Records: At your Fingertips is available from today for £2.99 at the iTunes store.




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