Seven stories

The practical rucksack and the frequently not-so-practical world of art aren’t usually things that go hand in hand. However the Rare Kind London agency of artists looks set to change that.

Currently showing at the Eastpak store in London’s swinging-of-yesteryear Carnaby Street, is ‘Seven Stories’, a group showcase of seven of Rare Kind’s affiliated agency artists.

by Daddison

This is the second collaboration between Rare Kind London and Eastpak, and follows a solo show of graffiti artist Bill London’s work.

Rare Kind’s Bex Chapman, says, ‘Eastpak are quite keen to show off their creative side and the people we work with fit well with their brand.  It works really well both ways – it’s a showcase for us, and Eastpak give us the launch pad to do that.’

David Samuel
by David Samuel

The work is as brilliant as it is diverse, arriving from the capable hands of graffiti artists David Samuel, Tizer and Pref, illustrators Celine Choo and Alfa; and graphic designers, Daddison and Garry Milne.

Rare Kind founder David Samuel brings us an optimistic view of life with his deceptively pretty, innocent screenprint emblazoned with the words ‘love will die’.

Garry Milne
by Garry Milne

However, on a closer inspection, an ornate script over the top reveals the entire message: ‘love like ours will never die.’ ‘Awww’/ ‘bluergh’, etc etc.

Daddison’s work is a kaleidoscopic visual assault of bold, graphic shapes and bright colours; while Garry Milne’s piece – this reporter’s personal favourite – is a terrifyingly dazzling Tiger Tarot card in enchanting turquoise, which is said to be about the Raj’s historical tiger hunting in India.

by Celine Choo

Seven Stories runs until 9 February 2011 at Eastpak Carnaby Street Store, 1-2 Carnaby Street, London W1F

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