Tangent Graphic works up Glasgow Commonwealth Games designs

Glasgow-based consultancy Tangent Graphic has been appointed to work on art direction, design for print and brand evolution for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Tangent, which worked on some of the designs for the Glasgow bid, was appointed in the autumn following a five-way creative pitch against consultancies from around the UK.

The pitch focused on the design of pictograms representing the core disciplines for the games, which will be Tangent’s main work during the project. The work will also include designs for marketing, merchandise and sponsorship materials, signage and maps.

Marque created the logo for the games, which launched in March, and Dog Digital will be responsible for digital aspects.

Andrew Stevenson, director of Tangent Graphic, says, ‘We were provided with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and we’re working with [the games organisers] to see how we can evolve the brand.’

Tangent is creating a different pictogram for each of the 17 sports. Stevenson says, ‘We want to capture the drive and motion of each event in every pictogram, reflecting the energy and excitement of the games.’

The pictograms will launch in late 2011.

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