Webb & Webb brands furniture business

Webb & Webb Design has created the name and branding for Aegistra, a service for professional furniture buyers.

Aegistra has been set up by Luke Hughes and Company and OPM Furniture as an online portal to target professional and corporate buyers.

Webb & Webb started work on the project, which launches this week, around six months ago, according to Webb & Webb’s James Webb. Webb & Webb has worked previously for Luke Hughes.

The name Aegistra comes from the word aegis, a shield used by the Greek god Zeus, says Webb. He adds, ‘It was a completely open brief and we know Luke is keen on the Classical side of naming.’

Webb says, ‘There is a resemblance between the Aegistra logo and the Luke Hughes logo, but they’re not the same.’

The service is online only, and a website has been developed by Webb & Webb working with Brighton-based consultancy N Visage.

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