A final Christmas round-up

Another drift of Christmas related design projects has swept in, so here we bring you a final installment.

Proper Gander


Leeds-based consultancy Propaganda has developed an interactive campaign for homeless charity Simon on the Streets, donating its client Christmas card budget to this QR-based initiative which links directly to a JustGiving page.

Propaganda says, ‘Many people want to give cash gifts directly to homeless people at Christmas, but worry that their money could fund a much wider drug or alcohol-related problem. We provide a much more effective way to give.’ 

Retail Shopping Patterns

Live and Breathe

Fans of Christmas and infographics Live and Breathe have distilled shopping patterns into these graphs. This year PwC research shows that 90 per cent of consumers shopped across multiple channels.

Radio Times

Stocks Taylor Benson
Stocks Taylor Benson

Stocks Taylor Benson have designed this Radio Times spoof featuring a television guide, quizzes and consultancy staff dressed as stars of the small screen. It’s the second Radio Times effort we’ve had, following something similar from brand language consultants Quietroom.

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