BrandOpus designs Pipers Crisp Co. identity and packaging

BrandOpus has created a new identity and packaging for Pipers Crisp Co., developing the name, logo and colour palette to be used across the brand’s seven variants.


The consultancy was appointed to the project in October last year, following a two-way pitch. The brand was previously called Pipers Crisps.

Paul Taylor, BrandOpus creative director, says, ‘The “crisp” element was very generic so changing it to “crisp co.” gave it a bit more of an idea of what the brand was about.’

The photographic-led packaging is replaced with a design that brings the logo at the fore, and the name was chosen to make the brand more ‘ownable.’ A piper figure is used to reference the crisps’ natural, rural qualities.

Taylor says, ‘The prominent photography was quite a stark contrast to the simple typography approach they had in their branding. Our desire from the outset was to create something incredibly simple.’

He adds, ‘We recognised the piper as being the key quirky visual identity of the brand so we lifted him higher up in the design.’

The bold colour palette aims to create on-shelf standout and clear variation between different products within the portfolio. Each colour references the origin of the flavour, such as yellow for cheddar and onion and blue for sea salt.

 The new packaging begins to roll out next week. Following this, the identity will be used across all touch points, including the Pipers website.

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  • Peter Windett November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I really think BrandOPus is stretching the creativity here. The name of the product previously was Pipers Crisps. The Piper symbol existed. The name was created by Alex Albone the brand owner some 8 years ago.
    So simplicity yes – over simplicity? and adding Co. All well and fine. Removing brand personality – absolutely well done.

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