B&W creates charity shop campaign

B&W Studio has developed the branding for a charity campaign rolling out across UK charity shops.


The campaign called ‘Choose Charity Shops’ launches in 7000 stores – 80 per cent of the UK’s charity shops – in May. It is run by the Charity Retail Association, an organisation that represents 330 UK charity brands including Barnado’s and Oxfam.

The association hopes the campaign will encourage people to donate directly to charity shops rather than to commercial competitors.

Leeds-based consultancy B&W was recommended to the assocation by the British Heart Foundation. It pitched against one other consultancy and started working on the project early this year.


Featuring a simple ‘thumbs up’ graphic, B&W’s design will be used on store windows, posters, point of sale stands and direct mail.

Each individual charity shop can change the colours to fit its brand identity and show their support.

Lee Bradley, B&W’s creative director says, ‘We thought the best way to encourage donations was create a consistent and memorable brand.

‘We had to tread very carefully in terms of message; we’re forewarning people about other charities and where to spend their money, it’s difficult subject,’ he says.

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  • Sam November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Choose, Charity Shops – how long did that take you?

  • Caroline Hughes - bezier November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Is this the only way Lee Bradley can design?

    1. Align left
    2. Position top left
    3. Make it look exactly like my other work.

    Everyone will lap it up…!

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