B&W Studio creates identity for Nineteen Bar & Grill

Leeds-based consultancy B&W Studio has designed the brand identity for Nineteen Bar & Grill in the city.

Nineteen Bar and Grill
Nineteen Bar & Grill

The consultancy was appointed to the project about a month ago due to an existing relationship with the client, Parklane Properties.

The branding uses a logo that references the ‘bar’ and ‘grill’ elements, using cooking utensils in black, with the white negative space creating shapes that suggest wine bottles, flutes or pint glasses.

There are three variations of the logo – the master logo, which is formed of two knives that create the shape of a wine flute; and two others, which are used in ‘ambient’ situations, such as behind the bar or the wall. The branding is shown across all collateral including menus, the bar area, signage and the website, which is being created in-house.

Steven Wills, B&W Studio creative partner, says, ‘We wanted to make the branding feel very modern and contemporary, but also feel appropriate to the subject matter and the interior design.’

The branding partially takes cues from the interior design, which was created in-house. ‘The interiors scheme is more bar than grill oriented,’ says Wills. ‘It’s quite clean and modern and it’s very important that the brand identity and the visual identity are reflective of that.’

Nineteen Bar & Grill opens on 15 February.

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