Cambridge Design Partnership creates GPS device for emergency services

The Cambridge Design Partnership has created a GPS device with terrestrial and satellite wireless radio capability which has been designed with emergency services and military users in-mind.


The portable device, Communicator, can integrate with other wireless data devices for different operational requirements.

Points, lines and areas of interest can be exchanged between Communicator devices in real time which means in search and rescue operations, different users can be assigned a unique square on a map, to coordinate a search.

CDP says Communicator is compatible with radio technologies including GPRS, 3G. TETRA, LTE and Iridium and will have two-way data messaging, emergency distress signaling and blue tooth connectivity.

Features include an 8.9cm high-res high –contrast LCD day/night screen with large button controls and a touchscreen.

CDP partner Mike Beadman, who says the consultancy is now looking for a manufacturer for the device, says, ‘Next-generation functionality, including powerful scripting software and two-way data communication offers a new solution for a variety of industries and professions.’

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