Design LSM works on Michelin-Starred Indian restaurant

Design LSM has redesigned the interiors of Michelin-starred Southern Indian restaurant Quilon, in central London.


The consultancy was tasked with creating a contemporary interior which reflects the spirit of the restaurant.

Design LSM has been in talks with executive chef Sriram Aylur for around three years, according to senior designer Karen Mitton.

Mitton and LSM managing director Steve La Bouchardiere travelled Southern India with Aylur to find inspiration, visiting destinations including Kerala and Cochin, where architecture combines Indian, colonial and Portuguese influence.

The St James’s Park venue comprises a 200m2 restaurant, 17m2 bar and 79m2 private room, all of which are being treated with dark grey tones, and accented amber, jade and blue fabrics.

Ornamental jaali screens finished in bronze, limestone rendered walls, weathered timbers and ‘atmospheric’ lighting have been integrated.

A bespoke candle wall, inspired by a Hindu temple in Kerala, consists of small portholes filled with tea lights.

The bar at Quilon
The bar at Quilon

Curved wooden slats have been applied to the ceiling creating what Design LSM calls a ‘soft, wave-like effect’.

Features include a hanging ornament made of 1100 hand-made ceramic discs and 2.5m-long Indian fishing boat, which is to be turned into a glass top bar.

La Bouchardiere believes the design will offer Londoners a ‘sophisticated, tranquil dining experience’ and says, ‘Following our trip to India we wanted to recreate the same sense of serenity coupled with the first-class hospitality you experience in Indian hotels.’

The Quilon Restaurant will re-open in March.

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  • karen morton November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I associate Indian cuisine with warmth both in the food spices but also in the interior decor – spacious yet cosy. I love the fact that the design team travelled India for inspiration but from the drawings above it feels cold and not terribly innovative. I hope the real thing translates better. There are many ‘sophisticated and tranquil dining experiences in London not sure this positions them differently to where they are currently at with attracting customers based on their reputation for food. I look forward to seeing real photos in Design week once job is completed.

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