Dyson appoints new chief executive

Max Conze, formerly North America president at Dyson, is taking over as chief executive of the company.

Max Conze

Conze replaces former chief executive Martin McCourt, who has been Dyson chief executive for ten years and is now leaving the company. Prior to joining Dyson, Conze worked for Procter and Gamble in Germany, China, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Dyson, which currrently employs 3600 people, says it is aiming to bring in a further 300 new graduates this year.

James Dyson says, ‘Martin’s leadership has resulted in an exceptional team achieving great things, for which I am very greatful.’

He adds, ‘Max shares my faith in young talent – or inexperience – and, as we begin a new phase, we are redoubling our efforts to bring in the brightest graduates, not just in engineering, but across Dyson, here in the UK and overseas.’

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