Hat-Trick creates hearing loss campaign

Hat-Trick Design has created a campaign for charity Action on Hearing Loss, which feature people’s ears being attacked by drills and hammers.

Hearing Loss

The campaign, which is the first to launch since Hat-Trick rebranded RNID as Action for Hearing Loss last year, aims to visually portray the damage that listening to loud music can cause to your ears.

Hat-Trick co-founder Jim Sutherland says, ‘We wanted a way of showing permanent damage.’

The campaign will roll out across 48-sheet posters, a cinema ad, flyers and other collateral.

Hat-Trick worked with photographer John Ross on the portraits and director Lindsay Knight on the cinema ad, which can be viewed here. The campaign uses students rather than models.

Hearing Loss

Sutherland says, ‘No-one realises the effect that loud music can have and we wanted a visual metaphor for the damage this can cause.

‘Assorted drills, nails and chisels are a powerful way of showing this. It was important to us to use real students – people whose lives are potentially affected by this issue.’

The campaign is launching in London this month to coincide with music event the Camden Crawl.

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  • Stuart Smith November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am


  • Julia November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    These images are shocking and I hope that they will get the attention of our youth so they will be more aware that loud music and machinery will have irreversible damage to their ears. Action on Hearing Loss doing a great job educating the public!
    Director, Hearing Aid Central http://hearingaidcentral.ca

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