Ico Design creates interactive hoarding for Soho sushi restaurant Yoobi

Ico Design has created an interactive restaurant hoarding for Soho sushi restaurant Yoobi, which allows people to ‘fish’ for free food.


Ico Design created the branding for Yoobi, which features a triangle graphic device is used for the interiors and branding, referencing the conical temaki wraps the food is served in. Interiors are being created by Gundry & Ducker.

The restaurant hoarding encases the Yoobi site while the interior designs are implemented. Black fish icons have been stuck to the exterior, each bearing a QR code which can be scanned by passers by as many times as they like, with every code revealing a different message when scanned, such as ‘Well done, you’ve caught the freshest fish around’ for winners or, ‘Unlucky, your fish escaped.’


Steve Lloyd, digital partner at Ico Design, says, ‘At the heart of it is the idea that you’re literally going fishing and what you win is fish. When the store opens if you’ve caught a fish you eat a fish.’

He adds, ‘As they’re in Soho we thought about creating a hoarding that would intrigue a media-savvy audience. The hoarding is an invitation for people to come down.’

The placement of the fish will not change, though the messaged generated by each can be changed easily by Yoobi. Winners can download a voucher to be redeemed at Yoobi during its first fortnight of opening.


The hoarding and competition will be in place throughout the rest of February until Yoobi’s opening at the end of next month.

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  • SushiTail November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is too cool!

  • Andrew Kelly November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Nice idea. Nice design. But it’s interesting to see the extent to which the concepts of sushi (rice) and raw fish (sashimi) are STILL confused by a majority of people – and this from an agency, working for a sushi restaurant, who really should have done more research about their subject.

    And good luck trying to scan the QR codes on those fish stuck at least 12 feet off the ground!

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