Interbrand Australia rebrands Queensland Art Gallery

Interbrand’s Australia office has created new branding for the Queensland Art Gallery, uniting the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) into a single QAGOMA brand for the first time.


The monochrome branding is inspired by the idea of Yin and Yang, according to Mike Rigby, creative director at Interbrand Australia, and aims to untie the two galleries whilst maintaining each site’s identity, treating them as ‘two sisters.’

The branding is heavily language-based, creating a sense of interaction with the ‘sister’ space within each site.

Rigby says,  ‘Just like siblings; sometimes they contradict, sometimes they complement, other times they complete one another’s sentences. The identity system is designed to accentuate the different perspectives each could provide.’

The identity can be modified to fold and split depending on its application, such as to fit around corners or up stairs.

Gallery of Modern Art Director at Queensland Art Gallery Tony Ellwood says,  ‘Interbrand has delivered a brand identity that makes the most of our two-site institution to engage and challenge how we, and our audience, think about art and the personality of our two venues.’

The new branding is shown across all touch-points including internal and external signage, advertising posters, hoardings, lanyards, stationary, gift shop items and packaging for the gallery’s food offers, as well as online.

The branding will be rolled out gradually over the next six months, with restaurants and cafes the first to take on the new identity.

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  • Faye Pini November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am


    My new rebranding or interbranding for Yuck / Cack!

    Imagine it being designed properly the K of yuck with the C of Cack being intertwined in a convoluted interlaced curlute, convolfolding rotating sinuate wreathe.

    Mmmm – I think I have something – no maybe just KISS that idea good-bye!

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