JWT creates blocks of Hope for charity

A new initiative from JWT London sees supermarket shoppers paying for ‘hope’.


The consultancy has created wooden blocks engraved with the word ‘hope’ that customers can use to donate to charity while shopping.

When the blocks’ barcodes are scanned at the checkout, £1 of the customers’ money is donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. The blocks can then be returned to store shelves and reused. It is expected that potential donators will be happier to give money while they are in ‘shopping mode’.

Designed by Iain Cadby, the blocks are made out of sustainable, Forestry Commission approved wood. They have ‘hope’ burn engraved in Gill capitals on the front and the Alzeihmer’s Society logo on the back, along with a barcode.

Simon Horton, one of the project’s art directors says, ‘Fundamentally the idea was just “hope you can buy on the shelves”. We could have used anything, but we wanted to create something beautiful and eye catching that people would pick up and hold’

Launched yesterday in two Budgens stores in North London, the consultancy says that they could be used by other supermarket chains and charities too.

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  • Ann Don Bosco November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Is it detracting attention from the ethics of every one of our purchasing decisions though? http://bit.ly/IlmbpU

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