MARK furniture and Kvadrat to reveal secrets

Cornish furniture brand MARK has teamed up with Danish textile company Kvadrat – no stranger to collaboration – for an exhibition on the making process of furniture.

Verso chair fight
Verso chairs

Kvadrat – which  produces 85 per cent of its woolen textiles in mills in Britain – has its fabrics used  in MARK products, and now the pair are about to reveal their secrets at the showroom of furniture supplier Coexistence.

Verso chairs
Verso chair fight

The show will go some way to explaining production processes and tooling across four MARK products; one being a new Verso Chair designed by Tomoko Azumi.

Speakers over the course of the event will include Azumi, 100% Design director Will Knight and London Design Guide editor Max Fraser.

MARK's Cornish provenance
MARK and Kvadrat

MARK director John Miller says, ‘Tomoko Azumi’s new Verso chair is shown through every step of the design process from the original briefing of the designer, through sketches and tiny scale models to the first production models, showing all the thinking that goes into every detail.

Film and photography are used to demonstrate the skills of the wooden furniture makers who make Gala Wright’s Arris and Bosco ranges.  

MARK's Cornish provenance
MARK’s Cornish provenance

There will also be a tower of components, ‘showing the many natural and man-made materials that go into a modern sofa, where these come from, how they are processed, and how sustainable they are,’ says Miller.

He adds, ‘Dylan Freeth’s Iso table shows us the collaborative nature of design – the web of conversations and connections that is woven through the development of each new product.’

Do you know any Chas and Dave?
A new piece of furniture comes together

The MARK and Kvadrat exhibition runs from 16 March – 3 April at Coexistence, 288 Upper Street, Islington, N1

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