Mother’s psychic T-shirts

If you’re looking for the perfect item of clothing to start 2012 with, the ad agency Mother’s latest project could provide the solution.

Some advice for 2012.

The agency, in collaboration with Steve Coe and I Love Boxie, has produced 100 psychic T-shirts, each of which has a personalised prediction printed on it, from Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare (who has apparently worked with Scotland Yard, the US police and ‘major celebrities’).

You won’t find out what’s written on your T-shirt until it arrives, instead you have to pick it by number. Mother says, ‘Everyone’s choice has already been predestined.’ Of the 100 produced though, only 99 are for sale. Miss Clare has refused to say what she saw when predicting the unsellable garment…

The T-shirts aren’t cheap, £100 a pop in fact, although all the money goes to Age UK. Alongside the T-shirt, buyers will also get an audio clip of the full T-shirt reading.

Mother says that if this limited run is successful, then the T-shirt project will continue – but for now, only the T-shirts know whether or not this will happen.

‘You will meet a tall, dark stranger…’

To order your psychic T-shirt and discover your destiny visit

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