Mr Gresty on film

When designer Mr Gresty takes his latest show to the Hackney Picturehouse next week, he’ll also be committed to celluloid.

Stills from film
Stills from film

But A Dandy Can Never be a Vulgar Man, his latest exhibition, an extension of Word Up will be accompanied by a short day-in-the-life-of-Gresty documentary created by filmakers Julio & Miles.

‘It was important for us to make the project as natural as possible so we did not script and we asked very few questions,’ say Julio & Miles who shot the piece over a Sunday spent with the designer. 

To film Gresty, who they refer to as someone with an ‘obsessive habit of collecting things’ Julio and Miles say, ‘Technically it was important to for us to use discreet equipment in order to create a comfortable atmosphere to film in; that way we would get the most natural and honest delivery.’ 

No additional lighting was used so ‘fast lenses’ could capture the shots as they happened, add Julio & Miles who normally work in animation and motion graphics.

The show that the film will sit with, But A Dandy… which was named by picture house curators, will include two new oversize pieces by Gresty, measuring 100x70cm. 

One, titled Hackneyed? is a two colour collage,  questioning ‘Why people who live in Hacnkey love it and those outside it hate it,’ says Gresty.

One of the new pieces
One of the new pieces

A second, Envy, is a screen print in yellow and blue, where the word Envy appears in Hackney borough green where the colours meet.

But A Dandy Can never Be  A  Vulgar Man runs from 1-21 March in the Gallery at Hackney Picturehouse, 280 Mare Street, E8 

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