OPX works on Kate Humble’s farm

OPX has been appointed to design the brand and website for Humble by Nature, a new farming venture by TV presenter Kate Humble.

Humble, presenter of Springwatch and Lambing Live acquired an ex-council farm in Montmouthshire Wales, along with her husband Ludo Graham. The pair want to preserve agricultural land which was due to be broken up and sold to developers.

The new farm will now continue to employ its tenant farmers, along with volunteers on an orchard of native apple species. In addition a centre will be set up to teach rural skills and animal husbandry.

OPX project manger Hilary O’Gorman says  ‘The project has something of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s River Cottage feel about it but with more mud and the focus being on rearing the livestock as opposed to cooking it.’

An identity, a set of guidelines and a website are expected to be delivered ‘after Easter’ according to OPX partner Simon Goodall, who says that having established the positioning, ‘we are now working on initial design concepts.’

He adds, ‘Although the farm itself won’t be heavily branded  there will be some signage.’

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