Pearson Lloyd designs new Lufthansa business-class cabins

Pearson Lloyd has created a new business-class seat and cabin design for Lufthansa which will roll out across the airline’s entire long-haul fleet – around 7000 seats. Itself

The Pearson Lloyd designed cabins roll out from May
The Pearson Lloyd-designed cabins roll out from May

The consultancy won an international pitch in 2007 after presenting a creative proposal which chimed with a similar route Lufthansa was investigating, according to Pearson Lloyd senior designer Nathan Matthews.

‘One proposal was a radical angled seat layout in terms of seat count and amenities. As it happened they had a similar idea they had been starting to look at with seat manufacturers,’ says Matthews.

‘Designing a fully flat bed was key, as the current business class doesn’t have one – but without compromising on seat count too heavily,’ he adds.

Pearson Lloyd says seat count has not been compromised
The new seat design

The result is a 1.98m-long flat bed with increased separation between passengers. A hard shell encapsulates each pair of seats and hides entertainment equipment. A meal table handset and personal storage space are also integrated.

Materials and finishes have been chosen for their hard-wearing qualities and to ensure that they are easily replaceable.

The seat is upholstered in a custom textile, brushed aluminum has been applied to high wear areas and dark plastic has been used for parts that encounter ‘high abuse’ says Matthews.

Pearson Lloyd says seat count has not been compromised
Pearson Lloyd says seat count has not been compromised

A tan leatherette upholstery has been applied between the seats – real leather is against safety regulations – which has been used in addition to the yellow, silver and blue colourway adopted by the airline.

The tan is a new introduction to the palette which also includes  Lufthansa Yellow, first developed by Otl Aicher in the 1960s.

Tan has been applied to appear ‘soft and visible when you enter the cabin,’ says Matthews who adds, ‘It’s a warmer more domestic look.’

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