Pentagram merges continents for International Design Alliance Congress identity

Pentagram has created a new identity for the International Design Alliance Congress, which merges together silhouettes of six continents to create a new shape.


The IDA says the identity ‘focuses on an artistic restructuring of Pangaea, a theory of Greek origin meaning “all lands” in support of the idea that, at one time, all the earth’s continents were once a single landmass.’

In response to this, Pentagram has developed ‘a seemingly abstract shape that is ultimately composed of the silhouettes of all continents.’

The IDA says, ‘At small scale its shape is ambiguous. Enlarged, the geographic details come into view.’

The merged continents
The merged continents

The identity has been developed for the IDA, which comprises partner organisations the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, Icograda, and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers.

The IDA Congress takes place every two years – with the 2013 event taking place in Istanbul, Turkey – and the identity has been developed so that host cities will be able to customise it to showcase ‘the unique attributes and culture of the host city’.

The IDA adds, ‘The strong shape of the new logo provides a visual anchor for the key text elements – the host city name, the year and theme – which can incorporate both Roman and non-Roman alphabets to reflect both the visual and verbal language of the congress location.’

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