Rip it up and start again

In preparation for his new show at London’s Boxpark, street artist Pure Evil has torn up his work.

Pure Evil

Pure Evil (real name Charles Uzzell-Edwards) has ripped all the pieces in his Nightmare collection in half and reconsituted them – mixing them together to create a new series, Pure Evil Goes Pop.

The artist says, ‘Inspired by a Pop Art Realism show I saw in Vienna, and particularly the work of Mimmo Rotella, I decided to rip up the entire Nightmare series to see if I could make up new faces out of different parts of different women.

Pure Evil

‘[It’s] a little bit identikit, a bit Arte Povera, a bit punk. Sometimes you have to destroy to create.’

The original Nightmare series is a collection of Pop Art-style portraits of famous women, such as Elizabeth Taylor (‘Richard Burton’s Nightmare’) and Jackie Onassis, (‘John F Kennedy’s Nightmare’).

Pure Evil

Pure Evil says, ‘The features of the women are simplified down to the most basic lines possible, cut into three stencil layers with a sharp blade and laboriously sprayed to build up the faces.

‘The eyes drip painted tears, the product of broken dreams of love.’

John F Kennedy's Nightmare
John F Kennedy’s Nightmare

The work is being installed at the top level of the Boxpark retail development in east London.

Pure Evil Goes Pop is at Boxpark, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 throughout March.

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