Russell Sage Studio starts second phase of Hospital Club redesign

Russell Sage Studio is redesigning the fourth-floor interiors of The Hospital Club in central London.

Second floor redesign by Russell Sage
Second floor redesign by Russell Sage

Russell Sage was brought in directly last year to redesign the second floor lounge and is now moving onto a new phase of the project which will see the entire fourth floor redesigned.

The a brief looks to, ‘Improve the visual language of the rooms as well as upgrading the function of the spaces for improved customer service,’ according to Russell Sage.

Consultancy founder Russell Sage says the group will reconfigure the Martini Bar as well as swapping the usage of the games room and library.

‘In the games room and library we’ll swap the usage’ says founder Russell Sage who is also reconfiguring the Martini Bar.

Sage says ‘[The Martini Bar] is a bright space with a wall of windows. We’ll be making more use of the views by reconfiguring seating and turning them around to face it.

‘There’s already some fantastic furniture there, so we’ll be editing it and updating it, to bring more comfort to the spaces and improve the way people work,’ he adds.

The flow of members between rooms will also be addressed and a broad design palette introduced.

Sage says ‘Other members clubs always have very specific palettes, but with the second floor we introduced a huge array which we’ll continue on the fourth floor – where it’s a lot lighter.’

Second floor redesign by Russell Sage
Second floor redesign by Russell Sage

There are also small interventions planned for the first floor, second floor, lobby and reception area. After closing parts of the club for a week, it is expected to reopen fully in February 2012.

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