Sherry designs new Parental Advisory warning website

Sherry has designed the website for the British Recorded Music Industry’s Parental Advisory warning website, marking its first online presence.

Sherry has previously worked with the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) on projects including designing its annual reports and annual statistic books. It was invited to pitch for the website project in August this year.

Parental Advisory
Parental Advisory

The website was launched following a decision by the organisation to extend its remit by covering content in music and video downloads. Sites such as Amazon and iTunes will now display the logo, which has been seen on physical music and video since 1995.

Ellie Thompson, graphic designer at Sherry, says, ‘The site needed to deliver content as clearly and easily as possible, and to allow people to download the guidelines on the use of the logo for parents and those working in the record industry, as well as retailers. We didn’t want the content drilled down into the site.’

The site offers information and advice around the parental advisory scheme for parents, retailers and record labels, with a guide for people to download.

Parental Advisory
Parental Advisory

Each part of the site uses a different colour, such as advice for parents in orange and for labels and retailers in blue.

Thompson says, ‘The parental advisory logo is very black and white and stark, and because of where it’s applied it has quite strong connotations. We didn’t want the site to be like that visually – we’re talking to parents so it needs to be approachable.’

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