Stop thinking, start doing: guest blog from MRM Meteorite’s Will Aslett

MRM Meteorite digital creative Will Aslett on the importance of creatives getting their hands dirty.

Will Aslett
Will Aslett

As a creative it is important to keep learning new things in order to stay on your toes so that you are full of fresh ideas.We spend a lot of time waiting for an opportunity or window to do something new, when really we should just dive in and go for it.

Get your hands dirty, throw yourself at it – whether you’re a designer that wants to do photography, an illustrator that wants to make games, or even a writer that wants to land on the moon (ok maybe not) – the only thing limiting yourself is you. Stop thinking about what you’d like to do and start doing it!

Stop thinking, start doing!
Stop thinking, start doing!

One day, those skills and things of personal interest that you ‘dabble’ in may be of use. I’ve experienced this first hand. ‘Illustrator!’ an art director cried, ‘Is there an illustrator in the house?’ As a designer who illustrates in their own time, I jumped up with a full pencil case and sketchpad under one arm, ‘Why, I’m an Illustrator, how can I help?’ I was a hero for a day.

By doing and acquiring new skills, it helps to broaden a career or even restart one. The truth of the matter is unless you start doing it, you will never know where it could lead you or what opportunities it could bring to you.

Alan Fletcher is a fantastic inspirational example of somebody who questioned and tried new methods out of interest and passion. His personal work is equally as powerful as his career. The exhibition about his life’s work at the Design Museum a few years ago not only celebrated his incredible design life, it also showed that he was a man that wasn’t afraid to mix professional work with his personal work: from graphic design, to making a handmade zoo for his grandson. I love that willingness to experiment, to not be scared off by a blank page and instead just see limitless opportunities.

Alan Fletcher's Zoo
Alan Fletcher’s Zoo

As a designer I believe it is imperative to be creatively curious, always looking to try new ways and techniques. It enriches the ideas process and with this we can help fulfill our client’s vision to reach new heights in the real world.

Will Aslett is a digital creative at MRM Meteorite

You can find him on Twitter, @willaslettdraws, or on his website

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