The Team rebrands Stroke Association

Charity Stroke Association is launching a new identity today, which has been developed by The Team.


The consultancy was appointed to the work 18 months ago and tasked with creating a new identity that would increase recognition of the charity.

The new identity references brush strokes of paint, which the consultancy says is both a visual pun on the word stroke and also references key therapy for those recovering from strokes.


The Team says it has introduced a new, specially commissioned typeface and tone of voice which it says ‘will help challenge people’s understanding of stroke and Stroke Assocation’.

Ads use this stroke of paint element to cover a person’s mouth, alongside the text ‘I feel unheard’. In the accompanying ad the paint stroke is moved and the text reads ‘I feel heard’.


David Recchia, creative director at The Team, says, ‘Our role in rebranding Stroke Association has been to help ensure stroke gets the recognition it desires, bring people working in Stroke Association, its volunteers and service-users around a single, big idea and to draw this to people’s attention so that the charity attracts the fundraising it needs to do its work.’

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  • ALLISON MILES AT FRESH START November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    My husband had a massive stroke over 12 years ago at only 36 years old. As a designer myself i’ve been shocked at the lack of creativity generally with charity branding. Despite all my husband Malcolm’s disabilities the biggest of all our challenges was the fact that people understand so little about strokes and the support we all can give to stoke sufferers.Being unable to walk without a brace having no us of one hand partly sighted, barely able to talk but a few words and unable to read and write is a major life changing overnight nightmare. The logo is simple and direct but from the campaign shown its spot on for us its all about not getting heard and the desperation of often being unable to speak. This is bang on! Well, done creative team! Lets hope it opens people eyes to this life line charity!

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