Voxpop – What is your favourite design from the last 12 months?

The nominations for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year Awards have been unveiled. What is your favourite design from the last 12 months (that you haven’t worked on!)?

Nick Couch

‘It has to be the Cineroleum project that took over a disused petrol station in the heart of London’s Clerkenwell. I’ve walked past the site for years and wondered what joyous things you could do with the space – and then along came a group of architecture grads with an idea to turn it into an open cinema. I rarely love everything about something, but in this case I do. It’s unexpected and in our own, smaller, Clerkenwell way offers the same delight and youthful-opportunisticness that you get from the High Line project in New York.’

Nick Couch, managing director, Figtree

James Webb

‘Not one single piece of work, rather a collection of design and creativity. The V&A exhibition The Power of Making was without a doubt the show of the year. An alphabet carved into the tips of pencil leads, 3D printed bikes, babies made of cake, a life-size crocheted bear and, my favourite, God Save the King, F*** Hitler by Major AT Casdagli, an embroidered sampler by a British prisoner of war with a hidden morse code message. Every piece was a revelation: so good I went twice!’

James Webb, designer, Webb & Webb Design

Franco Bonadio

‘It has to be Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Show at the Metropolitan in New York.  It was incredible, mad, bad but ultimately a beautiful collection of work.’ 

Franco Bonadio, chief executive, Identica

Nik Roope

‘As last year’s joint-winner (I’m co-founder and creative director of Hulger, the company behind the Plumen 001), I’m really behind the Nest Learning Thermostat. A device that really exploits the potential of embedded internet, great and intuitive cross platform user-interaction; all of which manifests neatly in a beautiful, seductive physical object. I’m just sad it’s not coming to the UK any time soon.’

Nik Roope, creative director and founder, Poke

Elliot Wilson

‘Spotify changed my life. I used to listen to the same old albums, and felt out of touch with colleagues, who danced around to tunes I didn’t know. Spotify put my finger on the pulse of music. Though only enjoyed played through my phone. However, recently, in a noisy airport duty-free, I found Jambox. This minimally designed box comes in a range of colours, is small enough to take anywhere, and is the perfect companion for any frustrated muso. It rocks!’

Elliot Wilson, managing director of London office, Elmwood

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