Voxpop – What should be the first exhibition at the Design Museum’s new home?

The Design Museum has unveiled detailed plans for its new building in west London. What do you think should be the first exhibition at its new home?

Stuart Wood

‘By 2014 when the design museum ups sticks and moves to its more salubrious location in Kensington, the institution will be 25 years old. What better way to celebrate its silver anniversary , than by injecting a healthy dose of optimism. Why not a focus on 25 designers, under 25? With the incessant doom and gloom and the general vilification of young people, it would seem a bright new start for a museum that at its heart is about making things better.’

Stuart Wood, executive creative director, Fitch

Jocelyn Bailey

‘It’s a bit morbid, but given the history of the Commonwealth Institute, I would love to see something on the remnants of empires past. That could be architecture, art, objects, propaganda, etc. from fallen ancient civilizations onwards. The gutted shell of the RMJM building has this creepy feeling of former glory and mid-century hubris. In a way I’m a bit sad it’s being smartened up, in its derelict state it’s a key to a (now) slightly uncomfortable piece of our national history.’

Jocelyn Bailey, manager, manufacturing, design and innovation, Policy Connect

Alex Wood

‘An exhibition about the design process – the accidents, the unexpected discoveries as the work develops, the unique creations that inform solutions. We are designers all the time. There is inspiration in everything. You can wander around not looking for anything and find the spark of something that might trigger the creative process. When we attend talks, the most interesting bits are the unexpected meanders during a project that designers and architects experience. Show the less polished, realistic, interesting side of design in what will probably be a highly polished new building.’

Alex Wood, director, Holmes Wood

Mat Hunter

‘The plans to revitalise the Commonwealth Institute building are an inspirational fusion of design’s past and present – so how about the first exhibition saying something bold about design’s future? It’s been 50 years since the building was created and since then there have been huge shifts in business, society, technology and the environment which offer new challenges and opportunities for design. How will design evolve over the next 50 years to tackle the big issues of the 21st century and remain the leading force that it has always been?’

Mat Hunter, chief design officer, Design Council

Stuart Semple

‘The first show would have to be some sort of giant ticket queue generating blockbuster like a Le Corbusier retrospective or something. But I’d love something a bit sci-fi: future movies that came true, self-tying shoe laces from Back to the Future, and iPads in 2001, that’s just because I’m a geek like that. But an exhibition of contemporary British propaganda would make my day.’

Stuart Semple, artist

Wayne Hemingway

‘Classic, timeless, British ( I think), a canvas for graphic and textile designers, iconic and evocative. Deckchairs are an endless source of fun. No matter how many times you have unfolded them they still have the ability to frustrate and perplex. A good party game is to have deckchair erection races,the prescence of alcohol can have similar effects to another form of erection.’

Wayne Hemingway, co-founder, Hemingway Design

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